Top Housing Societies to Buy a Home in hyderabad

The town of Hyderabad is situated in the province of Sindh after Karachi, the second biggest metropolitan region. These two cities are also around 140 kilometers apart. The building of Karachi-Hyderabad M9 has considerably improved the comfort of those who travel often between Hyderabad and Karachi for work and education.

All of these issues add significantly to the city's immobilization. In recent years, real estate development has been increasing in Hyderabad and its environs. Many well-planned housing companies are being built, which is an indication of a continuing increase in the city's real estate industry. In this article, we will study the best housing societies in Hyderabad.

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Hyderabad Cyber City attracts a large number of migrants with significant job possibilities. House demand never falls as the population of the town increases more and more. We also mention some advantageous choices if you are interested in purchasing an apartment in Hyderabad and discuss where to invest your money in Hyderabad.

  1. Latifabad Hyderabad

Latifabad was still among the city's most popular homemade buyers. It is one of the busiest districts on the outskirts of Hyderabad. It is split into many sections, or units, and houses a number of the city's notable colonies. Latifabad, which is a very useful highway in Hyderabad, connected to Autobahn Road, has a large number of famous traditional cafés.

It features an extensive network of roadways via which individuals may move across the region more easily. A few kilometers away from the River Indus, which is one of the largest tourist attractions in the region, adds further to the prominence of Latifabad.

  1. Nebula Avaaz, Miyapur, Hyderabad

Nebula Aavaas is one of the most popular housing complexes in the city, situated in Miyapur. The project is slated for delivery in December 2019 with 1 and 2BHK choices for Rs 12 lakh in the beginning range. This project covers an area of 10 hectares and offers eight various property settings. Although 1BHK is 400-650 sqft, 2BHK are larger and span an area of 861-950 sq ft. In February 2017, the project started with 2 700 units. Because of the vicinity to the Information Technology (IT) Corridor and the Outer Ring Road, Miyapur is one of the trendiest residential choices in Hyderabad.

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  1. Qasimabad Hyderabad

The west section of the city is Qasimabad. This neighborhood is also a priority when looking for a property in Hyderabad for sale. A huge area with numerous historic towns and modern places, including public parks, sandy roads, retail centers, and leisure amenities like the Rani Bagh Zoo. This area offers various facilities.

You will also be a few minutes away from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology if you intend to move to Qasimabad. When you are seeking to purchase a home in Qasimabad, the price of a house of 120 m2, starting with PKR 75 lakh to 1.8 crores is many different.

  1. Kohsar Housing Society Hyderabad

Kohsar Housing Society is another new residential development of Hyderabad. The Airport Road is immediately connected, which is why Hyderabad Airport and other important sections of the city have easy access to the region. The Kohsar Wohnungsgesellschaft is situated in the neighborhood of some of the greatest education and health services.

So you are primarily going to meet new property when you intend to invest in a house in the Kohsar Housing Society. The typical cost for a 5 marla house here is PKR 83 lakh to 1 crore. Furthermore, you will spend about PKR 1.5 to 2.5 crores, if you want to invest in a 10 marl house in the Kohsar Housing Society.

  1. Hyderabad Bypass

It has just been converted into an immobility development hotspot near the Karachi–Hyderabad and Jamshoro roads. Many residential and commercial developments are now being built in this area. In addition, some of the most popular places where properties are for sale in Hyderabad are surrounding the bypass. Brand new and old built dwelling units may be easily found near Hyderabad Bypass.

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You must set aside a budget of PKR 50 lakh to 1,2 crore if you intend to buy in a 120 square yard property close to Hyderabad Bypass. You may be costing a bit more while investing in a 250 sq. yard property in the region, given the typical PKR 1.2 to 2,2 crore price range.

  1. Defense Housing Colony

The Defense Housing Society is one of the most newly developed districts in Hyderabad. It is one of the quietest residential towns and a beautiful neighborhood. It boasts solid facilities and all modern comforts. The Defense Housing Society has an ideal location. It is located near Saddar, and the highly renowned Thandi Sarak of Hyderabad goes by this society immediately.

The residences sold in defense are typically modern and well-built, more costly than most other regions. So you need a budget from approximately PKR 8 to 14 crore if you are interested in buying a property from the Defense Housing Society in Hyderabad.