Know All About Jalozai Housing Scheme (NPHP) Payment Plan

Homeownership is crucial in a society where many people struggle to achieve both ends. Homelessness is not only a serious problem in this region of the world but in developed countries as well. However, several nations were fairly successful with some of the practical methods they have done to eradicate homelessness.

House ownership is also very important to individuals who cannot afford their own homes and who rely significantly on leased homes. The new government is aimed at providing Pakistanis with affordable houses and managing the shortfall of 10 million homes. In this respect, Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is fresh air.

About Scheme

The project is run by the government and five million Pakistanis are to be built in inexpensive housing. It is better known to those from low- and medium-income backgrounds as either the Imran Khan housing scheme or the Prime Minister housing scheme. You can see more by searching the PHA Jalozai housing scheme map.  Here are the details of Prime Minister Imran Khan's project so far.

Who may apply for the Naya Pakistan housing program is the question the majority of the people ask. The Naya Pakistan Housing Program is intended for people that cannot afford housing at the market prices now applicable. They must also comply in terms of total household income with specified parameters. The application form can be downloaded from the NDADRA website. The application form is available for download.


The objective of the Housing Department is to launch housing programs for the general population and government workers throughout the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The housing systems will contribute to building cohesive, economically sound communities. The basic task is to commit to the community, the family, the economic left, and the separation by race, origin, income, incapacity, age, and class.

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Eligibility Criteria

Naya Pakistan Scheme's eligibility criteria are that only one person is eligible to apply with the form upon submission of PKR 250. Shortly after the initiative was launched, NADRA got several applications. Half a million were digitalized. The eligibility criterion of NPHP, in a nutshell, is that one individual per household (husband/wife) is eligible.

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Regarding the Jalozai housing scheme plot prices, approximately ten thousand PKR - 25,000 are recommended to those with monthly earnings. The registration form includes a PKR 250 cost to be filled in. It will be preferable for those who have no independent possessions in Pakistan.


In the context of the LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments Project, Phase 1 reports published in the top dailies have been approved, more generally known as LDA, by the Lahore Development Authority. It is reported that the project will cost around 10 billion PKR.

In one year, the LDA agreed in Mouza Haloki to build up to 125 blocks of 4-story apartments on 563 canals. There are 32 residential apartments in each block of the project. In addition, several mosques will be built as part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Program of the Premier Minister's project. The LDA officials have also resolved on the building of 8,500 canals of land earmarked for 35,000 apartments in the last meeting, on roads, sidewalks, water and sewage systems, water treatment plants, and other infrastructures. This project also approved the PC-1 equal to PKR 20 billion.

Phase I

Phase 1 of the Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NHP) was launched today in the capital by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Around 1500 brand new apartments and homes were distributed to workers by the first minister. The groundbreaking ceremony for its second phase will also be held in conjunction with the Phase-1 opening ceremony of the NPHP. You can check by searching the Jalozai housing scheme phase 1 map.

Regarding the PHA Jalozai housing scheme address, the residential complex for workers at NPHP is composed of over 1,000 homes and 500 homes. It covers 2,560 channels and has a construction cost of 5,08 billion PKR on the Japan Road, Islamabad.

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Housing Units

Prime Minister Imran Khan opened 7 housing projects under NPHP valued at PKR 100 billion. Regarding the jalozai housing scheme master plan, it will build 20,000 dwelling units. These cheap houses are to be constructed in Pakistan's largest cities: Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Quetta.

Regarding the Jalozai housing scheme phase 3 location, houses are being built in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Quetta for low-income groups and wage earners. Six out of the seven housing complexes belong to the Fed (FGEHA), and the rest to Pakistan's Foundation for the Housing Authority (PHAF). Five assets have been de-listed by PM Imran Khan out of 32 public assets owned by the State. Of the five buildings, three were transferred for the development of low-cost housing units to the Naya Pakistan Housing Authority (NPHA).

Regarding the Jalozai housing scheme payment schedule, the properties are 4,5 billion pounds worth Mohanwali property, 500 million pounds worth PIPRI Karachi, and 700 million pounds worth of Hawkesbury Road Karachi. NPHA is now able to build some 7,000 flats on Mohanwali public land, according to officials from the Ministry of Privatization. Further details are listed on the Jalozai housing scheme phase 3 advertisement.