Balcony Garden Planning Guide – Things to Keep in Mind

It's not one day you will wake up and start planting in your Balcony garden. It would help if you had a proper plan in your hand to grow a luscious garden. Your plan includes taking care of a wide variety of things.

For how many hours does sunlight stay on Your Balcony?

The first thing to do is to observe how many hours sunlight stays on your Balcony. You will get the best results from your garden when your sun stays for more than six hours. It's okay to set a clock that tells you how many hours stay in your place. It's vital information because you can't grow every plant on a shady balcony. Some plants grow well in shady or obstruct light areas, while others require constant light.

plant growth in balcony garden

If your Balcony gets six hours of sunlight, it's an ideal case. However, when you get 1.5 hours to four hours of sunlight, then it's partial shade. However, when you get less than one and a half-hour shade, it's a full shade area. Select your plant based on sunlight availability. Ten plants that you can grow in Shades

What kinds of Plants can You grow on your Balcony?

The fact is that you can't grow every plant, given the small space and inadequate sunlight. Some plants you can quickly grow in your balcony garden are spring onions, celery, tomato, mint, radishes, zucchini, pepper, spinach, kale, lettuce, broccoli, basil, parsley, lavender, summer squash, bok choy, and many others. In case you want to grow vines, then go with one that doesn't take much space. You can quickly grow popular herbs in your balcony garden. 

Check some ways to decorate a balcony garden

Important information you need to collect whether it is a good idea to activate seedlings inside and then move it outside in your garden. I suggest you check a complete guide.

How Much Time do You Want to Spend in Your Balcony Garden?

Setting a balcony garden is one thing, and maintaining all your plant is another thing. Sometimes, people get very excited, grow many plants, but later, it becomes tough for them to take good care of them. So, you should be realistic. Decide how many hours you can spend in your garden. Every plant requires attention and care. I suggest you take a small start. Instead of filling your Balcony with tons of plants, you should opt for a few at first. Once they start growing and you have a schedule, you can increase your garden with other plants later. How to do kitchen remodeling on a budget

What will be the Layout of your Garden?

There are many different layouts available for a garden. In case you are planning to add furniture to your Balcony, you need to set up the furniture and then divide the rest of the place into two parts. In one aspect, you can grow your plants while you leave another part empty to walk freely on your Balcony. Of course, you don't want a stuffed place because you need to wander around for watering quite so often.

Check Climate of Your Balcony

Sunlight is one thing, while its climate is another. If your Balcony is windy, then you need to pick those plants that can withstand harsh weather. Go with hard plants that can handle whips of air without any problem.

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Things You Need for Growing Plants Successfully in Your Balcony Garden

balcony garden items

It's time to make a list of things you need to create an eye-catching balcony garden.

Seeds – You need roots of plants you picked based on your climate, layout, and sunshade level.

Planting Guidebook- These days you can have your hands on a lot of online plant guidebook that explains every single thing like what to grow when to grow and how to grow. Keep it handy and follow all instructions.

Pots – You need well-designed pots so you can add aesthetic value to your balcony garden.

Hanging baskets – Do you have a small balcony space? Wants to enhance its look? It's better to buy some baskets that allow you to make the most of your available space.

Trowel – You need this gardening tool for digging inside the soil in every pot.

Soil – You can't grow plants without soil and buy good quality to get the best results.

Watering – Your plants need water for their growth.

Organic Fertilizer- Your plants need nutrients that come from fertilizers

Gloves – No one likes to get dirty hands. Keep cloves while dealing with implantation.

Beautiful Garden Set-up

You have a proper plan; follow it. As you have all the things, now start a balcony garden set-up. A

Arrange pots in your Balcony based on a layout you picked.

Pour soil in every container and mix it with little organic fertilizer.

Based on the guidebook, plant your seedlings in every pot. Around the base of seedlings, you need to add more soil.

All set? Grab the water pot, and start watering every pot, keep every pot adequately saturated.

That's it; you have taken the first step – Creation of a Balcony Garden. Maintain a proper watering schedule and feel good while your plants grow beautifully.